Marquetry Inlays Online Shop.

Welcome to A Dunn and Son’s marquetry inlays online shop. Here you will find a wide range of wood inlays showcasing different designs. Split into separate categories, we cut and handmake all our marquetry out of veneer woods. Still using the same methods and techniques from when the business begun back in 1895.

Just a few examples of the inlays we supply are the Round Compass Rose Inlay, the 12 Segment Round Fan Inlay and the Design 1 Oval Shell Inlay. Currently our Round Star Marquetry Inlay is the most popular.

Our marquetry inlays are a great way to decorate all types of furniture, old and new. As well as clocks, bookcases and wood panels. A creative fine art craft, cut out of 0.5mm thick veneers.

We will be adding a selection of limited stock marquetry inlays. These range of inlays have already been made so the veneers, sizes and designs are unable to be altered, unless the background is oversize and can be cut down to fit the intended project.

If there is a design you would like us to make, or if there was a size or veneer that is not listed, please do not hesitate to Contact us

There are other Services available at A. Dunn and Son, including bespoke marquetry panels and Restoration work.

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