Oval Sycamore Patrae Inlay


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Handmade oval sycamore patrae inlay. Made up of 20 sycamore pieces going around in an oval with a sapele oval middle. Each of the sycamore pieces have shading on it, this is to create the 3D shadow effect. With dyed blue veneer in between each of the sycamore pieces for the background. Each of these has shading to it as well. The oval inlay comes with a boxwood line around it. The veneers are in 0.5mm thick.

The overall oval size of the sycamore patrae inlay is 116mm wide x 70mm high.

There is sapele veneer around the outside of the boxwood line. It’s to keep the boxwood line and the patrae together. When the inlay is going to be use, the sapele veneer can come away from the line.

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We make a very similar inlay to this patrae wood inlay. It is the Sunburst Inlay. The sunburst inlay is the same with the sycamore pieces going around in an oval shape with a smaller oval piece in the middle.

We also have a large range of marquetry inlays in the Shop. Marquetry wood inlays are made to order at the workshop.