Satinwood Patrae Inlay


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Marquetry satinwood patrae wood inlay. The patrae inlay itself is cut out of dyed green veneer, with straight grain satinwood background with a centre piece. The centre oval piece is in satinwood veneer with the small points in pear tree veneer. These satinwood patrae inlays are out of 0.5mm thick veneers.

There are only six available of these inlays in stock.

The satinwood background is 77mm wide x 90mm high. The width measurement is the patrae inlay sitting upright as seen in the photograph. The green marquetry patrae piece size is 37mm wide x 50mm high. The satinwood background can be cut down if it needs to.

Originally these inlays would go on top of a side table leg. Sitting between the table side fronts. We do have the leg fronts for sale. These are in satinwood veneer to match the patrae inlays. We have 16 of these inlays in stock. See leg drops for more information on them.

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