Rosewood Floral Inlay

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Handmade marquetry floral inlay in a rosewood background veneer. This wood inlay is cut from a selection of veneers including sycamore, pear, boxwood and dyed green. The rosewood background veneer grain direction goes lengthways. All the veneers are out of 0.5mm thick.

The overall size of the rosewood veneer is 272mm long (with the grain) x 183mm high. The marquetry is 190mm long x 126mm high.

There is brown paper on the back of the marquetry. This can be easily removed with a damp cloth once it has been in press.

We have reduce the price of the rosewood floral inlay because the rosewood veneer has a few splits in it. All the veneer is there and once the inlay is pressed, the splits should not show.

For more information on the marquetry inlay, please do not hesitate to Contact us

We are also selling the Floral Marquetry Inlay, the two inlays are very similar in design. This one is smaller in size compared to the rosewood floral.

There is a wide range of marquetry inlays available in the Shop. We handmake to order fan and shell inlays. As well as compass roses and star inlays, also vases, motifs and seaweed inlays are available.