Pink and Sycamore Inlay


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A handmade pink and sycamore wood inlay. The pink and sycamore inlay was originally for small mantel clock fronts. The marquetry pieces are from dyed pink and sycamore veneer. The background veneer is mahogany and is joined down the centre line. The pattern of the inlay is mirror image. All the veneers in the inlay are 0.5mm in thickness. Unique in design we only have one available to buy.

The size of the wood inlay is 390mm high x 185mm wide. The background is wider however there are veneer pin holes so I have taken the width from them. If the small veneer pin holes are not a problem then the overall width is 200mm.

There is brown paper on the back holding all the inlay pieces together. This can be easily removed with a damp cloth when the inlay has been pressed.

If you would like more information on the inlay, please do not hesitate to Contact us

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