Floral Marquetry Inlay

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A handmade floral marquetry inlay with flowers, stem and leaves in a mahogany background. A collection of green veneers for the leaves and stem. The flowers are in sycamore and boxwood veneer. The floral marquetry inlay veneers are cut from 0.5mm thick veneer.

The size of the marquetry inlay is 101mm in length x 38mm high. The overall of the mahogany background is 315mm in length x 100mm high. That includes the splits in the mahogany. The size of the background without any of the splits is 180mm in length x 100mm wide.

Selling at a reduce price as the mahogany background has splits in certain places. All the veneer is there and should not show when the inlay is pressed. However due to the splits we have reduce the price.

There is brown paper and veneer tape on one side of the inlay, it is holding all the pieces together.

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