The Northern Belle Train

How it begun.

Based up North, The Northern Belle luxurious train offers day return journeys and fine dining trips in England, Scotland and Wales.

In the year 2000, the Northern Belle began. It was the sister company to Belmond’s The British Pullman in London. In tune with The British Pullman, the Northern Belle train carriages have the same unique feel and look of the classic 1920s-1930s Pullman Cars.

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Marquetry on the Northern Belle

We had the wonderful opportunity to make the marquetry panels for Northern Belle. In total, there were 7 luxury interiors of the Pullman Cars train carriages. Having been the producers of the wood veneer marquetry panels for the original Pullman Cars. We got to be apart of the immaculate carriages new look and feel. Each carriage has its own theme, style and veneer choice, with a marquetry castle or a stately manor home at either end of the carriage. Resulting in fabulous pieces of wall art décor.

Marquetry panels on the Northern Belle
Marquetry Panels from Glamis and Alnwick on the Northern Belle train.

In 2010, we had the pleasure to be part of the Restoration work of the marquetry panels to the 6 luxurious train carriages. Pullman Cars Alnwick, Belvoir, Chatsworth, Glamis, Harlech and Warwick. Because it is originally our work, it is wonderful to be able to restore it. At the workshop, there are trays of spare pieces. So if there are any pieces missing we can replace them with the originals.

And again, we supplied the wood veneer panels and the marquetry panels for the new addition to the fleet. Pullman Car Duart arrival in 2011. To keep in class with the other carriages, Duart is decked out in marquetry and Burr Camphor veneer. In addition, to keeping in with the other carriages theme, Duart Castle was used. Pullman Car Duart was once part of the Royal Train.

Sadly in 2019 Pullman Car Warwick caught fire. It was absolutely devastating to hear the news of this. However, we was fortune enough to have the task to restore the marquetry panels back to their former glory. The Northern Belle – Pullman Car Warwick

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