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The business was founded in 1895 by Albert Dunn. When Albert finished school at the age of 12, he got an apprenticeship with a French marquetry film. After completing his 7 year apprenticeship, he set out on his own. Albert’s son Robert joined the family business in 1934, the business continued by Robert after his father’s death.

The business was moved to Chelmsford in 1978 where it has been successful for many years.

Robert’s son Bob (third generation) joined the business at a young age. When he later started a family of his own, it was during his wife Vivien’s first pregnancy that she first came to the workshop to help out whilst on maternity leave. Viv is still a key member of the workshop today, working closely with her youngest daughter Cheryl.

After Robert (second generation) sadly passed away in 1987, his son Bob (third generation) took the reins in leading the family business.

In 2002 at the age of 19, Cheryl, Bob’s daughter (4th generation) joined the family business and became an invaluable member of the team. Sadly Bob passed away in 2006 and Cheryl continues to successfully drive the business forward today.

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ONE OF THE MOST immediately striking features of Belmond British Pullman is the marquetry panelling. Such ornate woodwork is a rarity in the modern world, and for this, we owe a great debt to the Dunn family. Fortunately for us, A Dunn & Son remains a family-run operation. Today, it’s under the stewardship of Albert’s great-granddaughter Cheryl. Their machines are over 125 years old and the firm employs traditional methods dating back to the 1700s. We could not have restored our panelling so faithfully without their enduring commitment to artistry.

Belmond British Pullman

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