Cutting the marquetry.

Marquetry is an elaborate decorative process which involves using wood veneers to form patterns or pictures dating back thousands of years. It provides a fabulous finish to luxury interiors requiring originality and style.

A. Dunn & Son’s marquetry is all hand-made in the same manner as the 1700’s. Our designs are hand-drawn and cut on a marquetry cutters donkey. A large wooden machine that crafter Cheryl, will sit on, using her heels to control the small vice and her hands to control the movement of the wood as the fret saw cuts through the wood.

The Marquetry cutters donkey was invented before electricity and was cut by candlelight. The art of marquetry is in the choice of veneer, finding the right grain, pattern and texture of the background to blend in with the intricate inlay of the marquetry.

How does it work?

Our work includes finely detailed art such as flower petals. Its cut in differing shades or angles of grain to add dimensions to the overall finish. Each piece must fit with precision. These are burnt in hot sand to give the three-dimensional effect, fitted together like a large intricate jigsaw puzzle. This is then used to decorate bespoke furniture, pictures, luxury décor and wood panels of fine art.

This time-consuming art enables us to produce striking panels that are quintessentially timeless.

Fortunately for us, A Dunn & Son remains a family-run operation. Today, it’s under the stewardship of Albert’s great-granddaughter Cheryl. Their machines are over 125 years old and the firm employs traditional methods dating back to the 1700s. We could not have restored our panelling so faithfully without their enduring commitment to artistry.
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