Our restoration work at A. Dunn & Son consists of using the original marquetry techniques that dates back to the 18th century. Because of this, it means we are able to restore all kinds of Marquetry, boulle and Fretwork back to its original state. We take great pride in restoring the commission piece back to its former glory so it is admire again.

We begin by hand drawing the missing section of marquetry, boulle or fret. Usually we are able to take snippets of the original marquetry to use in the restoration process, this is because it will all match together and not look like it has had any work done to it. After we have drawn out the missing section, we select the veneers needed to match with the original piece. We copy the shading to produce a work of art that fits perfectly with its original.

140 years ago, Orient Express created a new style of travel with the invention of a high-class, luxury train, bringing people, countries and cultures closer together. The Northern Belle–Britain’s ‘most luxurious’ train– it is dubbed the UK’s answer to the legendary European Venice Simplon-Orient-Express.

In the late 1970s and early 1980s Venice Simplon-Orient-Express bought a collection of Pullman Cars, now known as ‘The British Pullman’ for customers to travel in 5 star luxury from London to Dover. We are fortunate to restore the marquetry panels in the Pullman Cars for ‘The British Pullman’.

Requiring a total refit, the Marquetry on the Northern Belle has been entrusted to A. Dunn and Son for a complete restoration to bring the carriages back to their former glory.

No detail on the Northern Belle has been overlooked. The veneered marquetry interiors have been inspired by the great British castles and stately homes after which the carriages are named. Artisans from Essex-based A Dunn & Son originally created, and then restored the famed marquetry on the British Pullman train. Their designs for the Northern Belle still employ traditional methods dating back to the early 18th century.
Northern Belle, Luxury Trains

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