If you have the luxury of stepping aboard the Belmond British Pullman you’ll experience a rare opportunity to immerse yourself in an authentic travel adventure. The Belmond British Pullman offer a number of different excursions to allow passengers to explore historic destinations and the beautiful English countryside or just stay on board, relax and enjoy a meal watching the wonderful views on offer. From the members of staff, to the food, the service on the British Pullman train is first class. Visit  https://www.belmond.com/ to see more on the ironic world famous train.

In the late 1970s to the early 1980s Belmond’s British Pullman commissioned A. Dunn & Son to restore their 1920s carriages. It all came about when an old invoice from us was found for the original marquetry work. By this time the business had moved to Chelmsford, but fortunately Belmond found us and the Restoration work began.

Every single carriage is unique in colour and varying in style with it’s individual name and theme. All painted in the iconic cream and brown with their name hand painted on the side

We could not have restored our panelling so faithfully without A Dunn & Son’s enduring commitment to artistry.

Bringing together the old and the new is a delicate art which involves selecting the veneers based on the right combination of grain, colour, and texture. Whether it’s modern or antique, we thoroughly enjoy rebuilding panels, and designs.