Custom designs of wood panels in the Pullman Cars

There is something very special about the custom designs in the Pullman Cars. Each train carriage has its very own personality. From the individual name hand painted onto the side to the luxury interior décor. Every Pullman Car is unique in showcasing its very own bespoke wood panels, there are no two carriages the same.

Luxury Interiors

Some of the train carriages luxury interiors are in a light veneer and others have a dark burr veneer. All showcasing different marquetry panels within them. Each with its own theme and a story to tell behind the décor. To date we are still producing marquetry panels for the Pullman Cars. From an art deco bar sign to an intricate piece of wall art.

Custom designs of the panels on the Pullman Cars
Marquetry of Pegasus

Albert’s work can be found on a numerous amount of the Pullman Cars. At the height of making the Pullman Cars, every evening Albert would meet someone from Waring and Gillow at the train station to hand over the finished marquetry panels. Today we restore the bespoke wood panels on the Pullman Cars from Albert’s era as well as making new wood panels for train carriages

Our work is on Belmond British Pullman Train, The Northern Belle and The Chairman’s Train.