Special A Compass Rose Inlay


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Our Special A compass rose inlay is made up of 64 pieces in total. All are from sycamore and dyed black 0.5mm thick veneer. Truly unique, there is a 16 centre pieces of the compass rose with all the points meeting in the middle. The next 16 pieces are diagonal and stop when they meet the first inner 16 piece section. After these, there is a further 32 more diagonal pieces which meet the centre of the first diagonal pieces. All 64 pieces alternate in veneer as it goes round. Because of the design these compass rose inlays are only available in round sizes. We can mirror pair these inlays. For example the sycamore starts on the top left side, the black veneer will be on the top left side of the next inlay.

Also available in the range is the Special B Round Compass Rose Marquetry Inlays and the Special B Oval Compass Rose Inlay .

As is the Round Compass Rose Inlay and Oval Compass Rose Inlay marquetry inlays. All in the  veneers sycamore and dyed black.

We also make star marquetry inlays. Please see Round Star Marquetry Inlay and Oval Star Marquetry Inlay for our full range.

If you would like us to make these inlays in different veneers or have a design you would like us to use. Please do not hesitate to Contact us

The background sapele veneer doesn’t come with the marquetry inlay.

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