Narrow Seaweed Inlay


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Our handmade Narrow Seaweed inlay is of the rectangle shape. The inlay comes in straight walnut veneer background with sycamore veneer pieces. All the veneer we use are 0.5mm thick. With our seaweed inlays, we cut the sycamore and walnut together. This means there can be a bigger gap between the 2 veneers as it leaves the fret saw thickness. When we cut and make our other marquetry inlays we normally cut the marquetry and background separately so there isn’t the ‘saw gap’. However with the seaweed inlays we cut one veneer into the other.

The inlay ground will be at least 14 inches wide (length) x 5 inches high, with the veneer grain ground going with the length direction. We can make the background walnut veneer go lengthways or cross grain. In the picture the walnut is cross grain.

We leave the background slightly over size so it can be cut in when fitted. If you would like the inlay background to be a certain size, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We have another seaweed inlay in this category. It’s theĀ Diamond Seaweed Inlay, bigger to the narrow inlay and more of a diamond shape.

If you have a design or would like to have the seaweed inlay in different veneers or different sizes, please do not hesitate to Contact us

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