Design B Horizontal Vase


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Our handmade Design B Horizontal Vase inlay is of the oval shape. The vase inlay is out of a collection of veneers including sycamore, boxwood and olive green. All the pieces have shading to them to create the shadow effect. The vase inlay has a sapele veneer background with the veneer grain going lengthways. All the veneer is out of 0.5mm thick.

The size of the vase inlay is 4.5 inches wide x 2.5 inches high.

We can cut the vase inlay into an oval and add a boxwood line around it. When we do this, we will put the inlay and the boxwood line into a piece of sapele. This will keep it altogether and can be easily removed when fitting. If this is not required we can leave the vase inlay oversize in the sapele background veneer.

We have a few different vases in the range. There is theĀ Design A Horizontal Vase in the collection. This is landscape vase inlay just like this one. There is the Design A Upright Vase Inlay which is more of an upright design.

If you would like the vase inlay cut to a certain size or if you would like us to use different veneers, please do not hesitate to Contact us to discuss them further.