3 Segment Quad Fan Inlay


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Our handmade 3 segment quad fan inlay is made out of boxwood veneer. The scallops at the end of each segment piece are from olive green veneer. All the veneers used in the inlay are out of 0.5mm thick veneer. Every segment piece has shading to it, this is to create a shadow. The quad fan inlay comes with a boxwood line that is left over sized. This is so it can be trimmed down when being used. Each fan inlay is placed into sapele veneer background to keep all the pieces together. The sapele veneer can be easily removed when ready to use.

We do a bigger version of these quad fan inlays. As they are bigger, the inlay has 4 segment pieces, please see 4 Segment Quad Fan Inlay.

Also available is the concave corner fan inlay range, these are the  4 Segment Concave Corner Fan Inlay and the 5 Segment Concave Corner Fan Inlay .

We also have a large range of round and oval fan inlays available. Please see our 12 Segment 1 Inch Round Fan Inlay , 12 Segment Round Fan Inlay and 12 Segment Oval Fan Inlay. There is a larger fan inlay version of these available, but have 16 segments instead of the 12. The 16 Segment Large Round Fan Inlay and the 16 Segment Large Oval Fan Inlay.

We also have a smaller fan inlay range, these are only available in rounds due to the size. As they are smaller they also have less segment pieces in each inlay. The 6 Segment Small Round Fan Inlay and the 8 Segment Small Round Fan Inlay are available.

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